Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Abs and more Abs

Back humming along at work. I miss the weekend, already -
even if it did involve cleaning out the refrigerator :)

Still "Abs Diet-ing". Still no real weight loss, but I'm still
obviously putting on muscle. I should know, they all HURT!
Some of the workout days are pretty challenging, I'm really
out of shape after my foot surgery. And boy do my Abs hurt.
There are lots of Abs exercises, unsurprisingly enough.

But I love the diet, I really never am hungry, something pretty
rare for me. Even if it doesn't work, it is a good way to
eat. I hope it works, though. It is one I could stay on
pretty much forever.

The author really got into smoothies - something I've tried
a few times but never cared much about. Until I tried his.
He's got about 50 recipes for them, and they involve oatmeal,
peanut butter, and lots o' good and filling things. Yum!
I look forward to them in the morning.

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