Monday, August 11, 2008

Humming along... and then!

Had a good weekend, we went out with a friend and planned the
upcoming bi-annual Tiki barbeque. It was a beautiful Saturday
day, about as perfect as them come. To do the planning, we
appropriately went to our favorite Tiki bar, and sipped lush
coconut drinks.

Then off to another friends birthday party. I ate dinner late
so I didn't scarf down all the cake. I didn't even have any!
The diet isn't going so well. I was faithfully eating right
and exercising hard, and still the weight isn't budging.

In fact I'm still slowly gaining weight, as I have been for the
last 3 years. I'm convinced there is something not balanced
right in my body. How can you gain weight when eating less
than 1500 calories for years?

I did some research and found a perfect match in "adrenal fatigue".
Doctors aren't convinced it exists, but most alternative medicine
and holistic doctors are. I got a couple of supplements, and
am trying them. Nothing much to lose by trying!

Then, in spite of doing lots of abs and back strengthening
exercises the last 2 weeks, I hurt my back sitting up in bed
this morning. How unglamorous. I can't quite straighten up
fully when I walk. It hurt and swelled all day, so I came home
a bit early, and logged back into work with an ice pack on
my lower back. The ice feels really good, I usually hate icing.

So much for my big workout tonight....

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