Friday, August 29, 2008


I am so exhausted! I am in the midst of a couple of intense months
at work. We have to be done with a project in a scary short amount
of time. It is *almost* do-able, if nothing goes wrong, and of
course, everything is going wrong. Critical hardware committing
suicide, bizarre bugs that take forever to track down, a million
unexpected requests and details.

Every day I walk into work and for the next 9 to 10 hours, I feel
like I am sprinting as fast as I can. It is a whirlwind of madness,
solving problems as I race down the hall. Then I crawl home, my
brain still going a million miles a minute. I think I've transcended
my own brain. I'm juggling so many details I must be forming dozens
of new neural pathways every day.

On the drives to and from work, I think sometimes, I am achieving
enlightenment. I'm thinking on a whole new level, that I've never
been to before. I wonder if you really can change your brain?

And this Labor Day weekend? I'm going to be correcting manuals for
the project and working, of course. (I have to get 5 of them done
by Tuesday - and some of them are over 400 pages! Gah!)

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