Monday, August 25, 2008

It was a party! And then some!

It was a spectacular Tiki Party! We started at 3 pm on Saturday in
totally beautiful weather. It was the most perfect of summer days.
Everyone showed up and most of them stayed until 1:30 am!

It was just so nice out, everyone just wanted to sit out and
celebrate the waning summer. (That and the massive amount of Tiki
drinks). Our bartender mixed up gallons of Hurricanes, Mai Tai's,
and Peg Leg Punch. The liquor flowed in large amounts, and we
were all veeerrrrrryyy happy puppies.

There was a bit of hangoveredness the next day, but it was a
party to remember. It is our personal end-of-summer blowout.
End of summer! How can that be? Summer was late coming this
year, and now it is winding down.

The old dog continues to be a little better. We didn't think
he would make it to the party, but he did, and enjoyed it very
much. He loves crowds of people and lots of food. I was quite
pleased he made it. Now if he goes soon, at least he had that.

1 comment:

Big Phil said...

I'm glad to hear your doggie is feeling better. The doggie spirits must be keeping a watchful eye on your little baby.