Sunday, August 31, 2008

Little Miss Fix-it

I corrected that stupid 410 page manual for 10 hours today!
That was the major one, it's first review. I can't believe I did
that. But when faced with something that needs doing, I have to
do it. If I don't, there isn't anyone else who will. I have to
do my job to the best of my ability or why bother?

But I hate that feeling when I realize the mountain I am facing,
is a lot higher than I thought. And I have to go forward. I
still have 4 manuals to go through tomorrow. Those shouldn't
be as much work, I hope.

What a dumb way to spend the last real weekend of summer.
There I fairs and festivals going on I'd much rather be at.
But as it was, I only went outside for about 10 minutes.
I still believe I'm doing the right thing, but there are days....

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