Saturday, August 23, 2008

Still Alive and Tiki-ing

Whew! What an intense week at work. I was going at about 2000%.
My mind was completely fried every night when I got home.
But headway is being made, and hopefully it will only go at
this pace for another month or so.

Had 2 medical tests done for the new doctor I'm going to see
next month. He is a super hormone specialist and looks at
everything including adrenal fatigue. I don't want to get my
hopes up, but if there a chance this could help with so many
of my problems, it would be worth any amount of money.

Against all odds, the old dog is still alive. And mysteriously
got a little better these last 3 days. He could barely move
last weekend, he couldn't breathe well, and his heart was way
too fast. But now he is more mobile, and looks like he
is in less pain. He is on double the heart medicine now,
and the antibiotics seem to have taken out the lung infection.
He is costing me about $500 a month now for vet and medicine.
I know most people wouldn't do that for a dog, but my dogs are
my children. I can't not do it.

When I was really poor in college, if I had little money, I
would buy food for the dog, before I would buy myself food. I can't
bear to see my dogs suffer. I understand pain or hunger and what
causes it, and that it will probably end. But you can't explain
that to your dog. I hate looking into their eyes when they are
hurting, and they don't understand what it happening. I want to
prevent that from happening to them.

So it is time to PARTY! Big Tiki barbeque at our house today -
a joint effort by the three of us, and our friends Joel and
Mike. It is a spectacular day - sunny and drop dead gorgeous
summery out. I hope everyone shows up and we have an amazing
party. I really need a fun day!

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