Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A day off!

I took today off. Days off are glorious. I should do them more often.
The weather was lovely early fall-ish, with a glorious deep blue sky.
It was a great day for bumming around.

I started physical therapy for my plantar facitis. I go in twice a
week for the next few weeks and they do ultra-sound on my heel,
and a type of massage to stimulate the blood flow. I've had this
heel pain that makes it hard to walk for over a year now.
Cortisone shots only helped it temporarily, so now we try this.
I would love to walk without pain again - seeing as taking walks
used to be my favorite form of exercise.

Other than that all I really did was buy a curtain rod and do
some more reading. I'm currently reading about Wilsons Temperature
Syndrome. It might explain a lot that has been happening to me.
If the current round of hormone treatment doesn't work, that might
be something to pursue. It is often recognized by very low body
temperatures in spite of showing normal on Thyroid tests.

It seems if your average temperature is under 97.6, you probably
would benefit from this treatment. I've been checking mine through
the day, and it keeps coming up as 96.3 degrees. That seemed so
low I'm checking it on 2 different thermometers, but it is always
around that. I've heard of low metabolism, but that must be "no"
metabolism. Could explain the weight gain in spite of lots of
dieting and exercise. It seems easy enough to treat with some
T3 Thyroid stuff. I'll ask my new hormone doctor what he knows
of it when I go back in December.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Quick Update

Well, we made our 1st deadline at work. I'm fricken exhausted!
There is always a price to be payed for that kind of hectic
schedule. Usually payed in health and tired minds. But I think
it was worth it (or at least I'll think so when I recover!).

It is still summery out there on the 1st day of fall. I'm really
enjoying that. The forecast says it gets more "seasonal" at the
end of this month.

We are still trying to get our wood stove fixed before winter,
it is under warranty, but the part is taking forever to get here.
I spent the weekend in "getting ready for winter" mode. Shopping
for wool scarfs, insulated curtains, a new bedspread, etc.
If gas prices are going to be as high as they say for heat,
I want to be warm!

Also cleaned out the car. All that is really left is to lay in
some wood for the winter (if the stove gets fixed!)

Thought the dog was really going to buy it today, and then he
suddenly felt better and wanted to go for a walk. The most he has
moved in weeks! Waiting for your dog to die is totally exhausting.
How many times can you grieve? This has been going on for more
than 6 months. There had better be treats in doggie heaven, or
that guy is never going to go!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Waiting for everything

Bleah. I worked Saturday, and it made the weekend way too short!
I have to go back to work tomorrow, and I'm still feeling pretty
fried. I have 1 week to finish the main part of the project, and
that is going to take a flat out effort. This is when my job is
a little too exciting....

The old dog is filling up with fluids again and we increased his
diuretics - but it doesn't seem to be working as well. Poor thing.
He doesn't seem horribly uncomfortable, and he still looks forward
to food. What an existence! I hope I'm not like that at the end...

My prescriptions don't show up until next week, so I still have
no idea if the doctor's diagnosis will help me out or not.

I'm in a state of waiting for everything to happen, soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out of my mind...

Exhausting. Bone crushingly tired! This is the final push on the
project, and of course everything that could go wrong, did.
I think I'll have to work the next 2 weekends. Details have to
be dealt with faster than I can comprehend them. Auuughhhhhh!

Trip to the doctor was interesting. Very comprehensive look at
all my levels. I was surprised at how healthy I was. Then why
do I feel like such crap? Only DHEA was at rock bottom. Cortisol
was not as low as I expected, but considering the stress, it
should have been a lot higher. Doc. figures that is all the
response my tired body could manage to come up with.

A few other hormones were low, but not horrible. We are going
to try to fix the low levels and see where that takes me.
I don't have the meds yet, probably wont get them 'til next
week. Ah, another medical adventure....

My doctor looks just like a young Nathan Lane. I told him that,
but he didn't know who the actor was. It made me feel old - I
thought everyone knew who Nathan Lane is.

Monday, September 08, 2008


I have been frantically busy - the next month is going to be a *little*
stressful. Won't write much, and considering suspending my show for
a couple of months. I just can't take on any more.

Other news. Old dog is still alive and seems to be more stable on
his new drug regimin. Took him for a drive on Sunday, which he
used to love, and he didn't want to be there. Kind of sad. He loved
sticking his head out the window more than anything (except food).
But he is resting comfortably at home.

I go see the new doctor this week, and kind of worried it might
not work, but hopeful that it might. Will report on that as it

Back to work!