Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A day off!

I took today off. Days off are glorious. I should do them more often.
The weather was lovely early fall-ish, with a glorious deep blue sky.
It was a great day for bumming around.

I started physical therapy for my plantar facitis. I go in twice a
week for the next few weeks and they do ultra-sound on my heel,
and a type of massage to stimulate the blood flow. I've had this
heel pain that makes it hard to walk for over a year now.
Cortisone shots only helped it temporarily, so now we try this.
I would love to walk without pain again - seeing as taking walks
used to be my favorite form of exercise.

Other than that all I really did was buy a curtain rod and do
some more reading. I'm currently reading about Wilsons Temperature
Syndrome. It might explain a lot that has been happening to me.
If the current round of hormone treatment doesn't work, that might
be something to pursue. It is often recognized by very low body
temperatures in spite of showing normal on Thyroid tests.

It seems if your average temperature is under 97.6, you probably
would benefit from this treatment. I've been checking mine through
the day, and it keeps coming up as 96.3 degrees. That seemed so
low I'm checking it on 2 different thermometers, but it is always
around that. I've heard of low metabolism, but that must be "no"
metabolism. Could explain the weight gain in spite of lots of
dieting and exercise. It seems easy enough to treat with some
T3 Thyroid stuff. I'll ask my new hormone doctor what he knows
of it when I go back in December.

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