Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out of my mind...

Exhausting. Bone crushingly tired! This is the final push on the
project, and of course everything that could go wrong, did.
I think I'll have to work the next 2 weekends. Details have to
be dealt with faster than I can comprehend them. Auuughhhhhh!

Trip to the doctor was interesting. Very comprehensive look at
all my levels. I was surprised at how healthy I was. Then why
do I feel like such crap? Only DHEA was at rock bottom. Cortisol
was not as low as I expected, but considering the stress, it
should have been a lot higher. Doc. figures that is all the
response my tired body could manage to come up with.

A few other hormones were low, but not horrible. We are going
to try to fix the low levels and see where that takes me.
I don't have the meds yet, probably wont get them 'til next
week. Ah, another medical adventure....

My doctor looks just like a young Nathan Lane. I told him that,
but he didn't know who the actor was. It made me feel old - I
thought everyone knew who Nathan Lane is.

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