Monday, September 22, 2008

Quick Update

Well, we made our 1st deadline at work. I'm fricken exhausted!
There is always a price to be payed for that kind of hectic
schedule. Usually payed in health and tired minds. But I think
it was worth it (or at least I'll think so when I recover!).

It is still summery out there on the 1st day of fall. I'm really
enjoying that. The forecast says it gets more "seasonal" at the
end of this month.

We are still trying to get our wood stove fixed before winter,
it is under warranty, but the part is taking forever to get here.
I spent the weekend in "getting ready for winter" mode. Shopping
for wool scarfs, insulated curtains, a new bedspread, etc.
If gas prices are going to be as high as they say for heat,
I want to be warm!

Also cleaned out the car. All that is really left is to lay in
some wood for the winter (if the stove gets fixed!)

Thought the dog was really going to buy it today, and then he
suddenly felt better and wanted to go for a walk. The most he has
moved in weeks! Waiting for your dog to die is totally exhausting.
How many times can you grieve? This has been going on for more
than 6 months. There had better be treats in doggie heaven, or
that guy is never going to go!

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