Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still kicking (ouch!)

I survived the rest of my birthday. We worked out menus for the
dog's new kidney diet, and bought some insulation for around the
air conditioner. Not the most exciting birthday I've ever had,
but the weather was gorgeous, and it was fun to drive around.

I have decided to officially end my podcast show, but I suppose I
should put up a goodbye podcast, since I didn't exactly tell my

I have some great pictures from the week I took off. Note to self.
Remember to post the silly things!

Otherwise, finshed a project at work and taking a deep breath before
plunging into the next project. I actually have time to go to a
Halloween party, and get my haircut this weekend! I realized it's
been at least 6 months since I've gotten a haircut, and it is rather
a mess. The life of an engineer.... day to day stuff gets forgotten.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

B-day off to a bad start....

The dog doesn't know it's my birthday. He had a bad night, so it
was off to the vet this morning. He finally got the painkiller he
needs, Tramedol. That and re-balancing his diuretics should take
care of the bloating. But we find his BUN level is too high, so
I've spent the day researching how to cook a kidney failure diet
for dogs.

Hopefully the day will improve from here. It is a glorious fall day
out, so off to the lake to make my yearly ritual birthday wish.
They never come true, but it is fun to go to the lake on a day
like this!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Blissful time off!

I took this week off from work, 1st vacation in a year and a half,
since I went to Japan.

After the insane amount of work this summer, and recovering from
the surgery, this is the first time I've sat down to think about

I've been struggling with ending my Uncomfortable Questions show
for awhile, and finally took the plunge. I've done it for 3 years,
and it was a great ride. But I can't afford the 10 to 15 hours it
take to produce each show, and still have any time to do some things
I need to be doing.

I also am not going to nag myself to write in this blog everyday.
I've felt guilty for not posting much lately. But, you know, I
didn't have anything to say! (Other than "too-much-work-ugh!").

I feel like I'm changing again, positioning to start a new phase
in my life. Some of the old stuff has to move out of the way.

I keep talking about getting serious about my health, but always
do the minimum needed to get by. I need to really work out, not
just in 2 week bursts like I tend to do. I am feeling better from
the first steps taken with the new hormone doctor, but I think
a lot more needs to be done. I'm now feeling well enough to realize
how crappy I really feel!

Now that I have some time off, I've been going out and doing things
every day - and that has been wonderful. Time to experience more
things. Time to enjoy life more. Time to get stronger so I can
take those vacations, I always talk about. I really hope this
is just a new beginning and repositioning of my life.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Wow, has it been 2 weeks since I posted? That has never happened.
The last 2 weeks were one big blur.

The final push on the project at work. Physical therapy on my foot.
Keeping the dog going. Cay had skin cancer on his face removed and
reconstructive surgery the next day. Watching the economy (and
whatever options and 401k money I had) become worthless. Watching
all the politics over the bailout and the V.P. debates.

Well, you can't say it isn't some *interesting* times!

So, where were we? The dog is still hanging in there, much to our
surprise. He does need to be pushed or carried up stairs about
half the time, though.

I've been on my new hormone balancing meds for a few weeks now.
Disappointingly it isn't helping the weight, but I do feel better
in general. I don't go back until December, so I guess I wont know
what else we can do until then. I am feeling better enough to
exercise more. A friend of mine got me into kettlebells of all
things. It is an invigorating workout, and I seem to be putting
on muscle more quickly than ususal.

I'm taking the week after next as a vacation week. Woo-hoo! No
plans, just rest and putter around. Maybe take some little drives
to look at fall colors, if there are any. They are either late
this year, or they wont be very colorful - not much color out
there yet.