Saturday, October 04, 2008


Wow, has it been 2 weeks since I posted? That has never happened.
The last 2 weeks were one big blur.

The final push on the project at work. Physical therapy on my foot.
Keeping the dog going. Cay had skin cancer on his face removed and
reconstructive surgery the next day. Watching the economy (and
whatever options and 401k money I had) become worthless. Watching
all the politics over the bailout and the V.P. debates.

Well, you can't say it isn't some *interesting* times!

So, where were we? The dog is still hanging in there, much to our
surprise. He does need to be pushed or carried up stairs about
half the time, though.

I've been on my new hormone balancing meds for a few weeks now.
Disappointingly it isn't helping the weight, but I do feel better
in general. I don't go back until December, so I guess I wont know
what else we can do until then. I am feeling better enough to
exercise more. A friend of mine got me into kettlebells of all
things. It is an invigorating workout, and I seem to be putting
on muscle more quickly than ususal.

I'm taking the week after next as a vacation week. Woo-hoo! No
plans, just rest and putter around. Maybe take some little drives
to look at fall colors, if there are any. They are either late
this year, or they wont be very colorful - not much color out
there yet.

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