Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still kicking (ouch!)

I survived the rest of my birthday. We worked out menus for the
dog's new kidney diet, and bought some insulation for around the
air conditioner. Not the most exciting birthday I've ever had,
but the weather was gorgeous, and it was fun to drive around.

I have decided to officially end my podcast show, but I suppose I
should put up a goodbye podcast, since I didn't exactly tell my

I have some great pictures from the week I took off. Note to self.
Remember to post the silly things!

Otherwise, finshed a project at work and taking a deep breath before
plunging into the next project. I actually have time to go to a
Halloween party, and get my haircut this weekend! I realized it's
been at least 6 months since I've gotten a haircut, and it is rather
a mess. The life of an engineer.... day to day stuff gets forgotten.

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