Sunday, November 16, 2008

Burning pockets

No - not the fires in L.A. Though the fires remind me of why
I'm glad I'm not living there anymore. The Sylmar fires aren't
that far from where I used to live. I remember the smell of
the hills on fire, all too well.

No, the burning pockets refer to a small amount of cash I had
saved up that was burning hole in said pocket. So I did the
sensible thing and bought an Acer Aspire One laptop (the
6 cell battery one, $399!) ;-)

It's not that I totally needed it, though I really wanted it
for work, it is that it is a tiny laptop computer gadget thing.
What Geek could resist? (I know, I don't have an iphone -- yet,
maybe next Christmas...)

Anyways, totally love the little Acer laptop! It weighs 2 lbs
and is as cute as a button. Seems to work well. But you wouldn't
want to do any major work on it - the 8.9 inch screen is very
clear but very small for old eyes. Yes, I could make the fonts
larger, but then the pages won't fit and you're scrolling all
over the place.

I guess that would prepare me for that iphone, though.
I played with an iphone in the store - and while cool, trying
to read a web page on it drove me nuts. All the littles apps,
you can load up on it, are pretty neat. I was born in the right
time. For a woman who loves gadgets, this is the best!

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