Sunday, November 02, 2008

Voting Mania

There, I finally posted a few pictures from my week off "Vacation in
town". I don't have any pictures from the Mall of America and
Underwater Adventures, or various other small drives we took -
but you get the idea.

I started reading a huge pile of documents for my next project at
work, (ow! my head hurts!), and got a big haircut (about 4 inches
off!). The roommate came back from training and packed his stuff
up and moved to Miami. It is really quiet around here - we miss
him already.

I spent last night researching for the election. (About time....)
I knew the major candidates I was going to vote for, but there are
3 referendums, and six contested Judges that I knew nothing about.
Cayenne convinced me that judges were important.

And boy are they! In my reading up on them, a couple of the
challengers to the incumbents are real nutcases. Randomly voting
for one of those guys would be not a good thing to do!

So I feel totally ready for the election. I'm kind of excited about it.
I never cared a whit for politics, and try to ignore it whenever I can,
because the candidates were all so awful. This time I'm actually going
to vote "for" someone, instead of "against the other guy" like usual.

And we are having amazing weather for the election. It is normally
blustery and cold on election day, but we are having a spate of sunny,
warm days until next Friday. We have all the windows wide open in
November, right now. Glorious!

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