Sunday, November 09, 2008

What a week that was!

Elections are over, and what a week it was. That is the most interest
I've seen anyone take in politics for a long time. I still find
myself thinking of the social implications of electing Obama, and
I'm pleased that America managed to surprise me by doing something
I never thought they would do in my lifetime. I hope racism fizzles
out of the American consciousness, and we all look at each other
with a new respect and hope.

But then, that is probably a Pollyanna attitude, and we'll still
have to fight and slug through the same amount of hate and anger
that have become so tiresome. And we have to fight for the Gays all
over again - I thought we were past that.

Liberty and freedom are wonderful ideals, but it is sad how fragile
it is, and how easy it is to loose it. It seems that it should just
"make sense" and be the natural order of things - instead of
something you have to fight for every day.

And then there is the economy... What a mess the new Pres. is
inheriting. I don't see a clear way out of that one. I just hope
that I keep my job, and we ride it out somehow. I haven't had to
think about Plans B and C (what I'm going to do if all the jobs dry
up - how my family will survive) since 2001. May our new President
somehow pull the world closer together, and fulfill the hopes we
have, against all odds. Godspeed Mr. Obama!

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