Monday, December 29, 2008

What a nice evening!

Ah, the perfect night. We met a couple of friends we don't see
often enough at a new place in Uptown, the Moto-i. It is an authentic
Izakaya (a Japanese pub - o.k. as authentic as you get in
Minnesota) and it's supposedly the first sake brewery restaurant
outside of Japan.

The sake is made by the owner and is quite good (and I don't really
like sake). The food is really wonderful, and the atmosphere lively
and fun. We had lots of little amazing dishes, the fried lotus root
with an incredible sauce was a standout!

We just were finishing up, and hoping to order the Okinawan
doughnuts, when all the power on the block went out. We stayed
around chatting in the dark, until they told us that a major
transformer had blown, and they were going to have to close. They
had no way of tallying the checks, so the food and drink was free!
We had easily eaten and drank $100 between the four of us.

It was a lovely windfall for us, but we loved the restaurant so much,
we will be sure to go back.

We came back to our house and the four of us totally geeked out,
talking about our favorite video games, anime, sci-fi shows, and
got caught up on what we've all been doing. Great way to spend a
vacation day.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vacation report

Wow, 9 days into my time off from work, and the days are blazing
by. I've done NOTHING of merit at all. Literally just shopped,
ate, played video games, poked around on the web and went to
Jewbilee at Grumpys (a really fun way to spend Christmas Eve).
That's it! I'm going for the slug award.

I started feeling a little bit too sluggish today, and cleaned and
dusted my office and did a little low carb baking. I'm trying to
work all the way up to working out! Only 7 more vacation days left
and then back to work. It promises to be another totally nuts
spring and summer at work, so resting now is good!

I've been experimenting with Irvingia (from to try to
lose some weight. Several others are trying it and reporting in at:

The results are inconclusive, as we are all fighting holiday food
fests. However, I haven't gained any weight at all this holiday,
which is probably a first. It makes we want to see what happens
after the 1st of the year, when we all go back to normal eating.
I love the web, where we can all experiment together, and report in.

And the old dog is STILL alive; our vet just shakes her head in
amazement. I think he is the most successful treatment she has
seen with the VetMedin (the insanely expensive heart medicine - $100
a bottle). His enlarged heart should have killed him a year ago.
He will be 15 at the end of February - I'm hoping he makes it!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Frigid Shopping

Happy Solstice, everyone!

And who goes shopping at the Mall of America on the Sunday before
Christmas? Guilty! Actually we went in the morning, and it really
wasn't very crowded. Probably not a a good sign for the economy.

Our kitchen stove is giving up the ghost and it was time to replace
it. The sales were pretty good and got one for about 2/3 the price
of the last one I bought around 10 years ago.

There is the most wonderful shop there with tea sets you wouldn't
believe! But for around $300, I can drink my tea out of a mug....

I still haven't finished the Christmas shopping. Maybe by tomorrow.
It is supposed to be 13 below out tonight, but the plan is still
to go out for a friends birthday. Brrrrrrr.....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unexpected illness

Well Cay had Pink Eye and a cold couple of weeks ago. I was sure
I had fought them both off until Thursday when I suddenly came
down with both. First time I've ever had Pink Eye, though. I'm
just finishing up the antibiotic eye drops - it looks like it
was bacterial, in spite of the cold implying it was viral.

The cold is still lingering on, not a bad one, but enough to make
one really tired. I have an expensive class that work is sending
me to for the next three days this week - so I'm going to load
up on Thera Flu for colds and forge ahead. It usually is enough
to keep me on my feet for most of a work day.

I love learning new things, and wish I felt better. My head already
hurts from the sinus pressure, and I need to be clear headed enough
to pack in all the new information.

Getting out of bed early tomorrow morning will be the real test
of will. It was 38 degrees F. today, and by tomorrow morning, it
will be -5 degrees with wind chills of -27. Ugh! The kind of weather
that makes you want to stay in bed until spring (and that is without
being sick....)

Otherwise the old dog is still alive, much to ours and the Vets'
surprise. He is getting kind of senile - he seems confused and
wanders around aimlessly a lot. Kind of sad to see the strong headed
dog we once knew be a doddering old fool. I'm going to work my
brain hard all the time to make sure I never get like that. I wonder
if that really works? The experts all say you should keep your brain
active to prevent Alzheimers and the like. As long as I'm working at
this job, that should not be a problem.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Unexpected Shopping

My household is trying to do its bit for the economy. In one day,
Cay's winter coat, the humidifier and the Xbox 360 all broke.
All were necessary to our winter well being, so they all got
replaced. I would rather have bought presents, or something new
and interesting.

I never mentioned how seeing the hormone specialist was going.
I'm certainly better, but not great. The constant joint and all
over body pain is gone due to the bio-indentical hormone
replacement. The fuzzy thinking, extreme exhaustion, and
irritability are gone due to the adrenal fatigue treatments.

I've had a little more energy to do little household tasks and to
do some shopping. I'm not so fried at my job. I was starting to
exercise more but the sudden onset of winter has sapped a bit of
that will back out of me. I'm still pretty tired when I get home.
The weight gain stopped, but hasn't gone back down, the blood
glucose readings are still a little high in the mornings.

I'm trying Irvingia and Acai to see if they have any effect on
the weight, only been a couple of days. I'm going to start a
very small dose of thyroid at the end of the month. Hopefully
something will turn the corner on my weight and energy levels.

I want to be well enough to have something left over for me, after
work. Life seems to be mostly work, winding down, and then bed -
and that is about it. I need the strength to do things that make
me happy. The company is shutting down for 2 whole weeks this year
at Christmas. I'm rather looking forward to the enforced vacation.
No plans, but maybe I'll finally have time to get stronger and do
more fun things.