Sunday, December 21, 2008

Frigid Shopping

Happy Solstice, everyone!

And who goes shopping at the Mall of America on the Sunday before
Christmas? Guilty! Actually we went in the morning, and it really
wasn't very crowded. Probably not a a good sign for the economy.

Our kitchen stove is giving up the ghost and it was time to replace
it. The sales were pretty good and got one for about 2/3 the price
of the last one I bought around 10 years ago.

There is the most wonderful shop there with tea sets you wouldn't
believe! But for around $300, I can drink my tea out of a mug....

I still haven't finished the Christmas shopping. Maybe by tomorrow.
It is supposed to be 13 below out tonight, but the plan is still
to go out for a friends birthday. Brrrrrrr.....

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