Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unexpected illness

Well Cay had Pink Eye and a cold couple of weeks ago. I was sure
I had fought them both off until Thursday when I suddenly came
down with both. First time I've ever had Pink Eye, though. I'm
just finishing up the antibiotic eye drops - it looks like it
was bacterial, in spite of the cold implying it was viral.

The cold is still lingering on, not a bad one, but enough to make
one really tired. I have an expensive class that work is sending
me to for the next three days this week - so I'm going to load
up on Thera Flu for colds and forge ahead. It usually is enough
to keep me on my feet for most of a work day.

I love learning new things, and wish I felt better. My head already
hurts from the sinus pressure, and I need to be clear headed enough
to pack in all the new information.

Getting out of bed early tomorrow morning will be the real test
of will. It was 38 degrees F. today, and by tomorrow morning, it
will be -5 degrees with wind chills of -27. Ugh! The kind of weather
that makes you want to stay in bed until spring (and that is without
being sick....)

Otherwise the old dog is still alive, much to ours and the Vets'
surprise. He is getting kind of senile - he seems confused and
wanders around aimlessly a lot. Kind of sad to see the strong headed
dog we once knew be a doddering old fool. I'm going to work my
brain hard all the time to make sure I never get like that. I wonder
if that really works? The experts all say you should keep your brain
active to prevent Alzheimers and the like. As long as I'm working at
this job, that should not be a problem.

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