Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Unexpected Shopping

My household is trying to do its bit for the economy. In one day,
Cay's winter coat, the humidifier and the Xbox 360 all broke.
All were necessary to our winter well being, so they all got
replaced. I would rather have bought presents, or something new
and interesting.

I never mentioned how seeing the hormone specialist was going.
I'm certainly better, but not great. The constant joint and all
over body pain is gone due to the bio-indentical hormone
replacement. The fuzzy thinking, extreme exhaustion, and
irritability are gone due to the adrenal fatigue treatments.

I've had a little more energy to do little household tasks and to
do some shopping. I'm not so fried at my job. I was starting to
exercise more but the sudden onset of winter has sapped a bit of
that will back out of me. I'm still pretty tired when I get home.
The weight gain stopped, but hasn't gone back down, the blood
glucose readings are still a little high in the mornings.

I'm trying Irvingia and Acai to see if they have any effect on
the weight, only been a couple of days. I'm going to start a
very small dose of thyroid at the end of the month. Hopefully
something will turn the corner on my weight and energy levels.

I want to be well enough to have something left over for me, after
work. Life seems to be mostly work, winding down, and then bed -
and that is about it. I need the strength to do things that make
me happy. The company is shutting down for 2 whole weeks this year
at Christmas. I'm rather looking forward to the enforced vacation.
No plans, but maybe I'll finally have time to get stronger and do
more fun things.

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