Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vacation report

Wow, 9 days into my time off from work, and the days are blazing
by. I've done NOTHING of merit at all. Literally just shopped,
ate, played video games, poked around on the web and went to
Jewbilee at Grumpys (a really fun way to spend Christmas Eve).
That's it! I'm going for the slug award.

I started feeling a little bit too sluggish today, and cleaned and
dusted my office and did a little low carb baking. I'm trying to
work all the way up to working out! Only 7 more vacation days left
and then back to work. It promises to be another totally nuts
spring and summer at work, so resting now is good!

I've been experimenting with Irvingia (from to try to
lose some weight. Several others are trying it and reporting in at:

The results are inconclusive, as we are all fighting holiday food
fests. However, I haven't gained any weight at all this holiday,
which is probably a first. It makes we want to see what happens
after the 1st of the year, when we all go back to normal eating.
I love the web, where we can all experiment together, and report in.

And the old dog is STILL alive; our vet just shakes her head in
amazement. I think he is the most successful treatment she has
seen with the VetMedin (the insanely expensive heart medicine - $100
a bottle). His enlarged heart should have killed him a year ago.
He will be 15 at the end of February - I'm hoping he makes it!

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