Monday, December 29, 2008

What a nice evening!

Ah, the perfect night. We met a couple of friends we don't see
often enough at a new place in Uptown, the Moto-i. It is an authentic
Izakaya (a Japanese pub - o.k. as authentic as you get in
Minnesota) and it's supposedly the first sake brewery restaurant
outside of Japan.

The sake is made by the owner and is quite good (and I don't really
like sake). The food is really wonderful, and the atmosphere lively
and fun. We had lots of little amazing dishes, the fried lotus root
with an incredible sauce was a standout!

We just were finishing up, and hoping to order the Okinawan
doughnuts, when all the power on the block went out. We stayed
around chatting in the dark, until they told us that a major
transformer had blown, and they were going to have to close. They
had no way of tallying the checks, so the food and drink was free!
We had easily eaten and drank $100 between the four of us.

It was a lovely windfall for us, but we loved the restaurant so much,
we will be sure to go back.

We came back to our house and the four of us totally geeked out,
talking about our favorite video games, anime, sci-fi shows, and
got caught up on what we've all been doing. Great way to spend a
vacation day.

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