Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Quick Thaw

The temperature shot up to 46 degrees F. today! We drove to a
drugstore further away than usual to buy shampoo, just to get
outside and driving around in the sun. We passed one old guy
shoveling snow in a t-shirt, and another guy was wearing shorts.
Minnesotans go a little nuts when it warms up in the winter. I
just put on a lighter jacket.

Everyone else had the same idea as we did, and the streets were
crowded. We drove around one of the lakes, and longed for spring.
It is supposed to be -5 degrees by Monday night, so you enjoy it
when you can. The snow line did drop noticeably, but there is still
a couple of feet of the stuff still on the ground. We drove by
our dream house on Mount Curve, another favorite sport around here.
Driving around the lakes, picking out the beautiful house you will
buy if you win the lottery. Winter makes dreamers out of all of us.

We opened some windows to let the fresh air into the house, I'd been
sneezing all morning from the dust and pet hair that is building up
from the the house being all closed up.

Oh well, back to winter after today - at least 2 more months to go....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

January Stasis

I think I've finally thawed out enough to type. It is all the way up
to -4 degrees F. Last week wasn't quite as bad, and next week looks
promising - back up to the 20's (above zero!).

It's been a pretty dull January - lots of interesting work, but
outside of that - physical therapy (arm isn't getting better yet),
reading, watching stuff, experimenting with supplements to balance
the blood glucose readings. I had a normal reading this morning, so
now I have to repeat what I did yesterday, and see if that nails it!

The highlight of today, a new couch is being delivered. The younger
dog (who is nuts) tends to rip up the couch, so they don't last very
long. Thus, we just buy the cheapest, but most comfortable couches
we can get and just assume we'll have to get another one in 4 to 5
years. Hopefully this ends the flurry of replacements I've had to
do on various goods in the house recently. (Now I have to pay the
bills on it all. I'm such an American...)

And it is time to start finding all the paperwork to do the taxes
again. It seems like I just did them a few months ago. Where did
an entire year go?

We are talking about Japan a lot lately. I sense another urge to
take a trip building up. Our current goal for Japan is spring of
2010 - we can't pull it off this year. That gives us a year to
lose the weight, get strong, to say nothing of saving up the money
and studying our Japanese. Its a goal, though it seems so far
away. This year, maybe a trip to the east coast in the spring?
It will depend on if the old dog is gone by then. His medical
care is too intensive to foist off on someone watching the pets.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Holy Cr*p, Its Cold!

Something like -20 F last night and tonight. Would have been
bearable if not for the -35 to -40 degree wind chills.
I can't seem to put on enough shirts, down vests, Irish
sweaters, and heavy overcoats. I might as well be carrying
huge weight packs. It should make me lose weight, except
the farthest I walk is to stagger to the car, and hope it

So far the cars have started, but the windshield wiper fluid
lines froze on both cars. Not good, I have to scrub the windshield
with snow before I take off, extending my exposure to outside
for a few more seconds than I like.

Someday I want to be rich and go somewhere warm for the winter.
Ah, said like a retiree. Oooh, I am getting old!

I had physical therapy on my arm (with the possibly torn rotator
cuff) today. It made my arm ache all day. I thought it was
supposed to make it feel better!

Old dog is still alive! He will hit 15 years old in 1 month -
I'm betting on him making it. Otherwise life has been just
work, and survive the cold. The thyroid medicine has made me feel
100% better, but still having problems with the balance on
other drugs - blood sugar still too high in the morning, more
experimentation to be done. Not a very exciting existence....

Sunday, January 04, 2009

So Not Ready

This is it, the last day of my glorious 16 days off from work.
Yeah, so it was enforced time off, but great just the same.
I really didn't do much of anything, and I needed to do just

It is back to the real world tomorrow; the commute, the cold
weather, the sprint to gear up for the next project, dentists,
doctors appointments, gotta make an eyeglass appointment, and
a tax appointment. How unfun is all of that?

Report on the Irvingia - inconclusive. I weigh exactly the same
as I did 4 weeks ago when I started taking it. However, getting
through the holidays at exactly the same weight is promising.
I don't go crazy, but I do relax my strict diet regimen in the
holiday season. I almost always gain 5 lbs or so. The real test
will be when I get back to normal routines.

I also started a touch of Thyroid medication yesterday. I think
I feel better already, with a little bit more energy than normal.
We will also see how that goes.

On the disconcerting side, my left shoulder has gotten worse,
and I'm having trouble lifting my arm to the front and the side.
Sure seems like a tear in the rotator cuff. I had the right side
operated on awhile back. I so do not want to go through that
again. If was pretty grueling. I go to physical therapy on Friday,
maybe I'll know more then.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Forgotten photos from the year: Hoover helps set up the tree

Forgotten photos from the year: Hoover's new toy

The dog couldn't see anything when he carries around his new toy, and crashes into everything! Very funny.

Forgotten photos from the year: Cay as Joey Ramone for Halloween

And another one bites the dust....

2009, eh? I remember when I thought the year 2000 was soooooooo
far away. And now we're 9 years past that. Ugh.

2008 wasn't the best of years - another foot surgery, long recovery,
poor health for the first half of the year, a lot of research and
experimentation to fix that with a new hormone/anti-aging doctor,
a lot of work at my job, and not much in the way of fun or travel.
This needs to be remedied.

I need a plan to make 2009 a much better year. Do I have one?
Well, no. I keep hoping inspiration will strike me out of the
blue.....but it will probably just mean a lot more hard work to
slowly improve things.

How do you suddenly change who you are, and how you approach
life? I tend to put my head down and plod ahead and hope I
end up somewhere. Mostly time just passes, and I realize I could
have done everything a lot different. You would think at my
age I would have figured this all out by now.

The new year started at a lovely party at a friends, and I saw lots
of the people we've hung around with for the last few years. It is
the current family for me. We drank and danced and hugged each

Very comforting. It is good to have friends.