Thursday, January 01, 2009

And another one bites the dust....

2009, eh? I remember when I thought the year 2000 was soooooooo
far away. And now we're 9 years past that. Ugh.

2008 wasn't the best of years - another foot surgery, long recovery,
poor health for the first half of the year, a lot of research and
experimentation to fix that with a new hormone/anti-aging doctor,
a lot of work at my job, and not much in the way of fun or travel.
This needs to be remedied.

I need a plan to make 2009 a much better year. Do I have one?
Well, no. I keep hoping inspiration will strike me out of the
blue.....but it will probably just mean a lot more hard work to
slowly improve things.

How do you suddenly change who you are, and how you approach
life? I tend to put my head down and plod ahead and hope I
end up somewhere. Mostly time just passes, and I realize I could
have done everything a lot different. You would think at my
age I would have figured this all out by now.

The new year started at a lovely party at a friends, and I saw lots
of the people we've hung around with for the last few years. It is
the current family for me. We drank and danced and hugged each

Very comforting. It is good to have friends.

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