Thursday, January 15, 2009

Holy Cr*p, Its Cold!

Something like -20 F last night and tonight. Would have been
bearable if not for the -35 to -40 degree wind chills.
I can't seem to put on enough shirts, down vests, Irish
sweaters, and heavy overcoats. I might as well be carrying
huge weight packs. It should make me lose weight, except
the farthest I walk is to stagger to the car, and hope it

So far the cars have started, but the windshield wiper fluid
lines froze on both cars. Not good, I have to scrub the windshield
with snow before I take off, extending my exposure to outside
for a few more seconds than I like.

Someday I want to be rich and go somewhere warm for the winter.
Ah, said like a retiree. Oooh, I am getting old!

I had physical therapy on my arm (with the possibly torn rotator
cuff) today. It made my arm ache all day. I thought it was
supposed to make it feel better!

Old dog is still alive! He will hit 15 years old in 1 month -
I'm betting on him making it. Otherwise life has been just
work, and survive the cold. The thyroid medicine has made me feel
100% better, but still having problems with the balance on
other drugs - blood sugar still too high in the morning, more
experimentation to be done. Not a very exciting existence....

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