Sunday, January 25, 2009

January Stasis

I think I've finally thawed out enough to type. It is all the way up
to -4 degrees F. Last week wasn't quite as bad, and next week looks
promising - back up to the 20's (above zero!).

It's been a pretty dull January - lots of interesting work, but
outside of that - physical therapy (arm isn't getting better yet),
reading, watching stuff, experimenting with supplements to balance
the blood glucose readings. I had a normal reading this morning, so
now I have to repeat what I did yesterday, and see if that nails it!

The highlight of today, a new couch is being delivered. The younger
dog (who is nuts) tends to rip up the couch, so they don't last very
long. Thus, we just buy the cheapest, but most comfortable couches
we can get and just assume we'll have to get another one in 4 to 5
years. Hopefully this ends the flurry of replacements I've had to
do on various goods in the house recently. (Now I have to pay the
bills on it all. I'm such an American...)

And it is time to start finding all the paperwork to do the taxes
again. It seems like I just did them a few months ago. Where did
an entire year go?

We are talking about Japan a lot lately. I sense another urge to
take a trip building up. Our current goal for Japan is spring of
2010 - we can't pull it off this year. That gives us a year to
lose the weight, get strong, to say nothing of saving up the money
and studying our Japanese. Its a goal, though it seems so far
away. This year, maybe a trip to the east coast in the spring?
It will depend on if the old dog is gone by then. His medical
care is too intensive to foist off on someone watching the pets.

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