Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Quick Thaw

The temperature shot up to 46 degrees F. today! We drove to a
drugstore further away than usual to buy shampoo, just to get
outside and driving around in the sun. We passed one old guy
shoveling snow in a t-shirt, and another guy was wearing shorts.
Minnesotans go a little nuts when it warms up in the winter. I
just put on a lighter jacket.

Everyone else had the same idea as we did, and the streets were
crowded. We drove around one of the lakes, and longed for spring.
It is supposed to be -5 degrees by Monday night, so you enjoy it
when you can. The snow line did drop noticeably, but there is still
a couple of feet of the stuff still on the ground. We drove by
our dream house on Mount Curve, another favorite sport around here.
Driving around the lakes, picking out the beautiful house you will
buy if you win the lottery. Winter makes dreamers out of all of us.

We opened some windows to let the fresh air into the house, I'd been
sneezing all morning from the dust and pet hair that is building up
from the the house being all closed up.

Oh well, back to winter after today - at least 2 more months to go....

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