Monday, February 23, 2009

Almost Human

Today is the first day I've felt reasonably o.k. after getting that
darned cold. It made me very, very tired for about 11 days. I only
missed 1 day of work, but it was hard to keep going all that time.

My physical therapy on the 2 tears in my rotator cuff is actually
working, much to my surprise. I have about 85% of the movement
back in my arm. Yay! Looks like I'll get to skip surgery this time.

Winter drags on - everyone is thoroughly tired of it, but we probably
have another month of it to go. Work is ramping up big time, and
I'll have way too much to do this year. I suppose that is a good
thing - job security in tough times...

The old dog is now 15 and hasn't noticed he was supposed to die
a year ago with his heart condition. He is bugging me for a treat.
Life goes on.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What is good?

I was driving home after an exhausting day at work, my head cold
still in full force, and I suddenly asked myself "Am I a good

Maybe it was because of my head full of congestion, but I wasn't
sure I knew the answer. I've always considered myself a good
person, but then I started wondering what "good" meant to me.

Lots of people consider themselves good, even the worst of the
religious fanatics, or corrupt politicians. Does good only
matter to the individual, or is there really a higher standard
we should consider ourselves against?

I'm generally harmless, I try to be nice and helpful to people.
But I haven't really done anything great for the world. I
don't do volunteer work, I just work, buy things, and mostly
stay out of everyone's way. But that could hardly be considered
"good". Mother Theresa, I'm not.

So now I'm left wondering what the heck I am here for?
I really don't expect an answer, I just wish I had done a little
more for the world. And maybe even done a little better taking
care of myself.

Hmmmm. Weighty subjects when one is full of snot.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

And for Valentines Day, I got:

A cold. Glub.
Woke up sick this morning. This is not a good prize!

February is racing by. Work is so busy that I get to work, and
it is time to go home, it seems. I'm setting up for the next
big project and there are a million details to deal with.

My arm is getting better, I may be able to avoid surgery. I have 2
rotator cuff injuries, but one may have been an adhesion of scar
tissue. After no progress for weeks, my physical therapist got
in there and kept pressing and digging at one of the areas.
It hurt a lot, but an hour later I could lift my arm straight
forward and up. I hadn't been able to do that for months.
There still seems to be a problem with another area, I cant lift my
arm sideways, but now we can focus on that.

The old dog is still alive. He probably officially 15 years old now.
He was born sometime at the end of February, but as he was a farm
puppy, I never did get an exact date.

I went back on a strict Atkins diet, and have lost only 2 lbs in
almost 2 weeks. Though my blood sugar is better. Cay, of course,
lost over 7 lbs in the same time. Grrrrr. Never diet with a guy.

The worst part is now that I have a cold, I can't take NyQuil because
it has way too many carbs. I don't want to have a cold without
NyQuil :( Cay did find some sugar free TheraFlu for Colds, and that
helped. (That and his amazing garlic/ginger laden chicken soup made
with shiritaki noodles which have virtually no carbs. Mmmmmmmmm).

So a Happy Valentines Day to you all. Spread more love in the world!