Sunday, March 15, 2009

Warm :)

I would be interested to see the retail numbers for March for
Minnesota. It was above 50 yesterday, and 56 degrees today.
The half of the population that wasn't walking around the lakes
with their dogs, were shopping. All the stores and parking lots
were packed.

I've not seen that many cars, people, and dogs in a long time.
This city goes a little crazy when the snow melts and it warms
up. It's like everyone has been huddled in their houses all
winter, and all burst forth in a big mass when the sun shines.
We even saw 2 teenage girls walking down the street in shorts,
tank tops and bare feet. Pretty brave, as there are still melting
piles of ice and snow everywhere.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 60 - it will be hard to keep
everyone at work!

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