Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It seems like work is escalating more every day. Wouldn't you think
it would reach a point where it couldn't get busier? - and yet it
does. I was running around frantically all day trying to bludgeon
this product into test. I'm not sure if I won, or not.

I had a pounding headache by the afternoon (and I almost never get
headaches). But driving home and seeing the snow is almost entirely
gone, made everything better.

The good part is the thyroid, adrenal rebuilders and DHEA must be
helping. In the past, after a day like that I would crash on the
couch, unable to move. Now I still have a bit of energy left over
to work out, and do a little gaming or movie watching.

The whole rest of the summer promises to be this crazy. I guess I'd
better get used to it!

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