Sunday, April 12, 2009


Every day seems faster and faster.
I'm accelerating down the runway... and then what? Take off?
Hmmmm, not a good comparison - one could say you accelerate
through life, and take-off is death. How depressing.

Each day at work seems to blur by faster, we are so busy in the
race to get the projects done. It is a race to the weekend, where
I rest up as fast as I can, and then back to another week.

I read somewhere that to make life seem slower, you should pack
more into each day. Somehow your perception then sees that since
you did more, it seems like life is longer and more full. I think
I'm finding quite the opposite is true. The more I do, the faster
it goes.

I'm thinking if I just sat and stared at a wall until I got bored,
it would seem longer :)

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