Friday, May 22, 2009

No time for boredom...

I thought I would be sad to be back from my trip. I haven't even
had time to think about it. Caught up on my sleep in my wonderful
bed and got unpacked.

Back to work for the final push on the big project I've been on
for the last several months. Looks like we pushed it out the door
today. Whew! Things should be quieter for about a month and then
on to another crazy project.

Also getting everything ready for the big Memorial Day Barbeque
that we throw every year with our friend Joel. It is always a
big affair and a lot of work. This year we dubbed as "Burger Fest
2009". We're going to make every kind of burger that we can think
of with fresh ground meat made from chuck and sirloin steaks.
We got the recipe for making your own hamburger off of the show
"Good Eats" many years ago. It makes insanely good burgers!

I also stopped off at the garden center after work and got a
zillion flowers to put in pots for the yard. They had a sale on
a flat of snapdragons, so I got one. We filled 3 large pots full
of snapdragons - a flat goes a long way. Lots of petunias, pansys,
begonias, and a lovely hardy rose. The house looks very cheery.

And I had to weed the existing plant beds. Yech! I hate weeding -
I always pull something in my back or hamstrings. Not a motion
I do much.

Darn, I still haven't loaded up the vacation pictures. I'll post
some, as soon as I get to that. We're having clam chowder for
dinner tonight. I miss the chowder from the trip out east. Can't
get anything like that here, though - so it is a token gesture.

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