Thursday, May 07, 2009

On the road again...

We hit the road in MN at about 6 am. Pretty early for me!
Drove for 15 1/2 hours and finally crashed near Cleveland, Ohio.
We were in 5 states today!

Roads were good - not too much road construction, except near
Chicago. The weather was good. No rain this time - the last time we
made this trip, it rained hard the entire time. It was sunny, humid
and 80 degrees today in Illinois.

We stopped at Mitsuwa marketplace near Chicago, and had a nice
Japanese lunch. That is a fun Japanese marketplace but it is full of a
lot of rather overt anime fans. Now I love anime too, but I try not to
be a big geek about it. But the Japanese people there probably think
I'm a mondo geek too.

Stopped at a lot of rest stops and roadside Oasis, but the only
picture I took today was at a gas station that had a life sized
pink elephant with huge glasses on. Not sure why - it just was
there with no explanation. I'll post pictures when I get back -
I forgot my camera upload cable.

It is supposed to rain a bit tomorrow in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Pooh.
I'd like to see the Alleghney Mountains for once when the sun is out.

I'm going to get some sleep now - got very little last night.


David said...

Peace is reigning in the household--to a certain extent. Still some hissing, on the cats's part, not mine or Hoover's. Last night, however, I found him sleeping within a foot of George.

Oh, and when I fed 'em all Omen ate without my having to hover over her.

David Cummer said...

Peace reigns in the household, for lo the cat has lain down with the dog.

Don't know if this is anything unusual, but I'm not having to hover over Omen when he's eating the wet food. With the dry stuff I do have to, though.