Sunday, May 03, 2009

Road Trip Ahoy!

The mad dash at work continues - 3 weeks to go to deadline.
I worked until 10 pm on Friday to get the weekend run of tests
set up. (Keeps me from having to work this weekend.)

Leaving for the driving trip to New York on Thursday, so spent
today shopping and packing a bit. I need a road trip! We are
so looking forward to this. We are going for a week, stopping
at Chris's homestead for his grandmothers 100th Birthday.
Wow. I only wish I could live that long....

But considering how much the body is falling apart at half
that age - there wouldn't be much left by then. My current
hope is that I'll make it to 80. Hey, everyone needs goals.

Our friend David is going to stay at the house and watch the
pets. Hopefully they will miss us a little, but they love
"Uncle David". He is bringing his cat, which our dog thinks
is the best "toy" on the planet.

I hope to have some good pictures to post when we get back.
We are thinking of stopping in Niagara Falls on the drive
home. I've been there as a teen, but Cay has never seen it.

Open road, here we come!

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