Monday, June 29, 2009

I Accidentally Did a Show!

With no intentions of doing another interview show for
Uncomfortable Questions, I just did one after being away
from it for a year. I ran into the author Steven Brust who
was in town for a few weeks, and when I told him about my
show, he offered to be interviewed. I couldn't pass that up!

I knew Steve a long time ago, and hadn't really seen him
in about 16 years. We went to the park, (with his very cute
new puppy), and did the interview. It was lovely and I
remember how much I love talking to people.

Now I have to find some time to edit it, and get it posted.
Do I plan to return to doing the show? Probably not - as
work shows no signs of letting up. However I can always
be tempted out by an especially interesting guest. So there
may be others in the future if life hands me someone irresistible.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer with a Vengence!

It hit 100 today! And something like 98 yesterday. For here,
that is pretty darned hot. I was glad to be at work in the lab
that is always too cold.

Things are pretty quiet otherwise. Took care of David's cat this
weekend. The little bugger is trouble on 4 wheels, but he keeps
the other pets lively.

I decided to buy an iphone and a new bed with my bonus this
year. Of course I have neither in my hot little hands (how
do you hold a bed?). Both are on order. The bed will be here
Friday and I plan to sleep all weekend, just to make sure it

It was time to upgrade my phone and renew my contract, but
the iphones were all sold out, and they don't know when mine
will show up. Somewhere between 3 to 14 days. What fun is a
toy if you don't have it? I did spend some time looking at
all the delicious apps on the itunes store for the new phones.

I blame the folks at work for my frivolity. Only me and one
other person in my group don't have an iphone - the rest of
them that didn't have one pre-ordered them this time around.
I hope they are as cool as they look!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Sets In

After a cool spate of weather, it looks like we are back up into
the 80's for the next week. It feels like summer again.
We have 2 barbecues to attend today alone!

I am absolutely not going to eat anything. All the supplements
and thyroid are finally working. I'm losing weight with
glacial slowness - but I'm down 7 1/2 lbs. Which for me lately,
is monumental.

I'm feeling a lot better, and exercising almost every day. The
thyroid seems to have brought me back to life. Ah bodies. They
are ridiculously high maintenance.

Lots going on, but boring stuff - re-financed the house, payed off
the credit cards, looking at getting the sidewalk replaced, and
maybe painting the house. Ah life.
It is also high maintenance. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can you hear me now?

The Whisper Room arrived yesterday on a truck. All 15 boxes and
700 lbs. of it. Which Cay and I had to carry off the truck, carry
it all up to the 2nd floor of the house, and then assemble it.

I think I pulled every muscle possible. I sort of layed on the
couch, moaning, for the reset of the evening. The sound booth
turned out beautifully and Cay now has a real cool place to
record. Now if only the voice jobs would pour in!

But if not, I've done my job as a patron of the arts - assuring
his copious shows keep rolling out to entertain one and all for

Next year for his birthday he is getting 1 lb of chocolate,
or air - whichever is lighter.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

This and That

Oh my, June already. I seemed to have misplaced the last couple
of weeks. The party was great fun, as always, and then back to
slaving away at work.

I had hoped for a quieter June, before the next big project, but
things are already nuts.

If we got our bonuses this year, I promised Cay that I'd buy him
a Whisper Room for his birthday. Well it is ordered and will be
here Tuesday. It should help with his show and recording a great
deal. We live on a busy street and near an airport - and recording
can be pretty impossible. He is pretty stoked about it!

After failing all the diets, I am trying out a new multi-modal
approach from the Life Extension Foundation. It seems to be
working somewhat - I'm down 6 1/2 lbs, but I've been stuck
for the last few days. It is a bit pricey, involving their
supplement with Irvingia, Green Tea, carb blocker, and a
seaweed extract. In addition you also take the Alli fat blocker
and tryptophan.

I've played with all these supplements separately, but never all
together. Their current theory is you have to attack it on all fronts.
It does seem to be working, lets see if it continues!