Monday, June 29, 2009

I Accidentally Did a Show!

With no intentions of doing another interview show for
Uncomfortable Questions, I just did one after being away
from it for a year. I ran into the author Steven Brust who
was in town for a few weeks, and when I told him about my
show, he offered to be interviewed. I couldn't pass that up!

I knew Steve a long time ago, and hadn't really seen him
in about 16 years. We went to the park, (with his very cute
new puppy), and did the interview. It was lovely and I
remember how much I love talking to people.

Now I have to find some time to edit it, and get it posted.
Do I plan to return to doing the show? Probably not - as
work shows no signs of letting up. However I can always
be tempted out by an especially interesting guest. So there
may be others in the future if life hands me someone irresistible.

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L'Artiste said...

Thank you,.. I can't wait to hear it.