Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer with a Vengence!

It hit 100 today! And something like 98 yesterday. For here,
that is pretty darned hot. I was glad to be at work in the lab
that is always too cold.

Things are pretty quiet otherwise. Took care of David's cat this
weekend. The little bugger is trouble on 4 wheels, but he keeps
the other pets lively.

I decided to buy an iphone and a new bed with my bonus this
year. Of course I have neither in my hot little hands (how
do you hold a bed?). Both are on order. The bed will be here
Friday and I plan to sleep all weekend, just to make sure it

It was time to upgrade my phone and renew my contract, but
the iphones were all sold out, and they don't know when mine
will show up. Somewhere between 3 to 14 days. What fun is a
toy if you don't have it? I did spend some time looking at
all the delicious apps on the itunes store for the new phones.

I blame the folks at work for my frivolity. Only me and one
other person in my group don't have an iphone - the rest of
them that didn't have one pre-ordered them this time around.
I hope they are as cool as they look!

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