Thursday, July 30, 2009

Windows Ahoy!

Well, I did it, and now I'm officially broke. Wiped out my savings
to buy something as unglamorous as replacement windows for my 2nd
floor. Yes, they cost about what I thought they would (a lot!).
Well, at least they do if you have an old house and are trying to
maintain the charm of an old house.

But they are ordered and will be installed in 4-6 weeks. I'm glad
that is over, and now I have to start saving to have the house
painted next year. I don't when (if ever) I'll have enough to
replace the 1st floor windows. But they aren't as critical as
the 2nd floor.

Darn houses, you actually have to maintain them!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I've been obsessing over replacement windows for my house for
the last week. The ones I have are finally annoying me enough
to want to do something about them. The storms are all
disintegrating, the windows are painted shut or have broken
sashes and broken panes, and the 2nd story ones are filthy,
as we can't reach them to clean them. And my heating bill is huge,
as drafts just blow through the house in the winter.

I've done a ton of research on replacement windows on the web,
and am going to have someone come give a quote on what I want.
This is going to be a MANY year project. Windows are fricken
expensive, so I'm thinking maybe I could afford 5 or 6 a year?
I'm not really sure how much they will cost. The down side is
I have 33 windows!

Maybe I should just do it by floors and by sides of the house
so they more or less match, and go for the most critical ones
first. So many decisions. So much money! And what a boring thing
to have to spend money on - when they are in, they will look
pretty much like my other windows, only they will work.

Went to Pella showroom today, and found that I want the most
expensive, or course! Double hung tilt wood windows with cladding
to match my house, and grills to match what I have, plus
upgraded hardware. The estimator is coming on Thursday, and
I'll probably find out I can only afford one window......

I like spending money on vacations and toys a lot more than this!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

1 year to the day

After 3 years of doing the Uncomfortable Questions show, I posted
the last one 7/19/2008. And then took a "little" break. Somehow
a year went by.

And unplanned, I posted the interview with author Steven Brust
today - exactly 1 year to the day since my 3rd anniversary show.

So go get the new show already!
Interview with Steven Brust.

He is a love, and it is a good show.... but then I say that about all
of my shows. All my babies are beautiful - even if they all look like
Edward G. Robinson.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Life is not a trial run."

I saw that quote on a twitter message a couple of days ago:
"Life is not a trial run".

It has been haunting my mind since. I realize that I've been
living my life as if it were a trial run. There have been
times in my life where I was 100% engaged, or passionate about
things, (usually due to out of control hormones :) )

But the rest of the time I'm indifferent to it, I'm just
passing time until something better comes along.
I realize what a waste of a life this is, and I really
should have done a lot better with it.

I'm sad that I only realize this when I'm old.
Even now, I don't know how much I can change the way I
approach life. I just wish I could connect to it better than
I have. Really commit and go gung ho on everything I try.
Hmmmmm. They say it is never too late. I wonder.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Today is the first day I have felt human since the convention.
I was rather a zombie at work and went to bed early every
night and slept a ton. I must be getting old - it shouldn't
take that much out of me!

Struggling with food this week. I had the food intolerance test
done, in hopes that it would help my asthma and allergies.
There seemed to be something food related going on. Sadly, I
get an inflammatory response from many of the foods I eat
every day. Lots of healthy stuff like tuna, chick peas, berries,
and a component of grains. The only way to tackle that is go
on a gluten free diet. No wheat, oats, rye, barley, or millet,
in addition to about 30 foods I am intolerant to.

However, I still need to do low carb to fight the diabetes.
Gluten-free stuff tends to be high in carbs, so I am rather
befuddled at what I can eat. Since I cant figure it out, I
don't eat much. I suppose I'll lose weight because of it,
somewhat unintentionally...

I got some gluten free bread, but it gave me a bad response, as
it turned out to have chick pea flour in it. Grrrrr. Back to
reading lots of labels and more research on the web.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

WOW, I mean WOW!

I am home from the local 4 day SF convention. David took care of
our pets and house so we could get a room at the hotel, and
immerse ourselves in the con - and boy did we!

So many wonderful memories - the Steampunk fashion show, the live
performance by the Mustache Rangers where I laughed so hard my
face hurt, the immensely entertaining panels with the MST3K
cast, sitting in the bar drinking tall beers with wonderful music
pouring out of the cabaret and a ceaseless parade of people in
colorful costumes, the huge amount of free glow sticks that fans
adorned themselves with in amazingly creative concoctions and shone
under the black lights at raves that went all night. The costumes,
the new friends the old friends, the high energy fans that partied,
and partied and partied.

It was intense, colorful 3 ring circus - not for the weak! I think
I'll have to go into serious training for the next one, just to
survive the grueling pace. It is a shock to be home, in the quiet.
I'm missing my 3800 new-found geek friends!