Thursday, July 09, 2009


Today is the first day I have felt human since the convention.
I was rather a zombie at work and went to bed early every
night and slept a ton. I must be getting old - it shouldn't
take that much out of me!

Struggling with food this week. I had the food intolerance test
done, in hopes that it would help my asthma and allergies.
There seemed to be something food related going on. Sadly, I
get an inflammatory response from many of the foods I eat
every day. Lots of healthy stuff like tuna, chick peas, berries,
and a component of grains. The only way to tackle that is go
on a gluten free diet. No wheat, oats, rye, barley, or millet,
in addition to about 30 foods I am intolerant to.

However, I still need to do low carb to fight the diabetes.
Gluten-free stuff tends to be high in carbs, so I am rather
befuddled at what I can eat. Since I cant figure it out, I
don't eat much. I suppose I'll lose weight because of it,
somewhat unintentionally...

I got some gluten free bread, but it gave me a bad response, as
it turned out to have chick pea flour in it. Grrrrr. Back to
reading lots of labels and more research on the web.

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