Thursday, July 30, 2009

Windows Ahoy!

Well, I did it, and now I'm officially broke. Wiped out my savings
to buy something as unglamorous as replacement windows for my 2nd
floor. Yes, they cost about what I thought they would (a lot!).
Well, at least they do if you have an old house and are trying to
maintain the charm of an old house.

But they are ordered and will be installed in 4-6 weeks. I'm glad
that is over, and now I have to start saving to have the house
painted next year. I don't when (if ever) I'll have enough to
replace the 1st floor windows. But they aren't as critical as
the 2nd floor.

Darn houses, you actually have to maintain them!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sue I understand about windows. That is our summer. We ordered 10 of them and are doing the replacement ourselves. All are in and the interior work is done (restaining and varnishing is time consuming). Now we just have the exterior to do - and summer is waning fast. - Ruth

Susan Grandys said...

I looked at what it would take to do it ourselves - and lost my courage. The installation was by no means the bulk of the cost. So I went for quick and easy. I got 13 windows, and they whole job should only take 2 days.