Saturday, July 25, 2009


I've been obsessing over replacement windows for my house for
the last week. The ones I have are finally annoying me enough
to want to do something about them. The storms are all
disintegrating, the windows are painted shut or have broken
sashes and broken panes, and the 2nd story ones are filthy,
as we can't reach them to clean them. And my heating bill is huge,
as drafts just blow through the house in the winter.

I've done a ton of research on replacement windows on the web,
and am going to have someone come give a quote on what I want.
This is going to be a MANY year project. Windows are fricken
expensive, so I'm thinking maybe I could afford 5 or 6 a year?
I'm not really sure how much they will cost. The down side is
I have 33 windows!

Maybe I should just do it by floors and by sides of the house
so they more or less match, and go for the most critical ones
first. So many decisions. So much money! And what a boring thing
to have to spend money on - when they are in, they will look
pretty much like my other windows, only they will work.

Went to Pella showroom today, and found that I want the most
expensive, or course! Double hung tilt wood windows with cladding
to match my house, and grills to match what I have, plus
upgraded hardware. The estimator is coming on Thursday, and
I'll probably find out I can only afford one window......

I like spending money on vacations and toys a lot more than this!

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