Sunday, August 30, 2009


So hungover. What a party it was! I had an amazing time and
so did everyone else. The Tiki drinks were deadly. The last
people left about 1 am, so we clocked in 10 hours of partying.
When will I figure out that I'm too old for this, and don't
recover as well from excess as I used to?

Our old roommate Drew is visiting, and the 3 of us are staggering
around the house moaning and cleaning up the party remnants.

We are now looking for something nutritious to eat, to help
the bodies recover. Leftover chips just don't cut it.

Now waiting for David to drop off his cat - he has to go to Fargo,
as he just found out his brother is in the hospital, and is
heading off to help on the farm. So we get a little furry guest
for some number of weeks. I'm sure he will try to help the
window replacement guys tomorrow - that furball gets into everything!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A momentary quiet in the circus

Wow. I have 3 hours where I don't have to do anything.
I'm going to enjoy it.

I've been going non-stop this last week, and will continue to
do so for the foreseeable future.

Lets see, work was nuts - preparing for a customer visit and having
them come for 2 days. Loooong days of work, lunches and dinners
and meetings around the visit. Stressful (and fun too), but I'm
totally wiped.

I was having asthma and allergy attacks all week due to the
ragweed, so I didn't get a lot of sleep. I was a little
worried on Thursday, because my heart kept skipping beats and I
was feeling a bit faint and lightheaded. I think it was all the
stress and allergies.

Our street finally got finished on Thursday (this had been going
on for over a year). My handyman finally finished up my garage
floor and sidewalk on Friday. There was preparing all week for
the big Tiki party we are throwing today.

We have it all set up this morning, and now I can rest for a few
hours until the guests start showing up. That will go late into
the night.

Then tomorrow is party cleanup, and pulling everything away from
the upstairs windows, for the window replacement guys will be here
on Monday and Tuesday.

To say nothing of the frantic work schedule for the next 6 weeks.
Oh yeah, and then I'm supposed to go on a vacation to the east coast
immediately after that. Maybe I need more than 3 hours of doing

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ragweed, Nettle and Chenopods, oh my!

I haven't written in awhile - I realized almost nothing has changed.
Just repeat my post from August 8th, and that about sums it up.

Yesterday, after a particularly stressful week, I found I just didn't
want to move at all. It was gorgeous out, but I'm not sure I ever got
up off the couch. My head was confused and felt like it was filled
with cotton. I was headachey, sneezy, and exhausted. I think it was
equal parts stress and allergies.

For lo! Ragweed season is upon us. I started feeling worse on Friday,
and that was when the Ragweed, Nettle and Chenopods on the daily
allergy alert went to high. I think it is the Ragweed that gets me,
but I kind of hope it is the Chenopods! What a great word. I'd much
rather be allergic to Chenodods. Ragweed is not so glamorous.

Today I am much recovered. Ran errands for many hours and went to
a lot of stores. Getting ready for the big annual Tiki party here,
next weekend.

Monday the guy comes to replace the sidewalk, and next Monday the
window replacement starts. The house gets a face lift, and a pretty
old girl she will be! (If we ignore the needed paint job.....)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Stunned Saturdays

My weeks are getting too much the same. Monday through Friday are
a frantic pace at work, trying to somehow pack in everything that
needs to be done. Then when Saturday comes, it is a stunned
moment where I don't HAVE to do anything. (And I usually don't -
I haven't much energy left). By Sunday I recover a little, and
try to pack in all the house or errand stuff that should be done.
And then it is Monday again.

I dream about doing nothing but what I want to do.
I used to think it would be boring, but I'm not so sure anymore.
A guy at work died this week (he was younger than me) so I've
been thinking a lot about how little time we all have on this
planet, and how little may be left of my life.

I want to enjoy it, and not let it blaze by in an exhausted fog.
But it is amazingly hard to change one's approach to life and
what you do on a day to day basis. I have been asking myself when
I am doing things, "Do I really need to be doing this? Do I
want to be doing this?" Maybe just being more aware will help.