Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ragweed, Nettle and Chenopods, oh my!

I haven't written in awhile - I realized almost nothing has changed.
Just repeat my post from August 8th, and that about sums it up.

Yesterday, after a particularly stressful week, I found I just didn't
want to move at all. It was gorgeous out, but I'm not sure I ever got
up off the couch. My head was confused and felt like it was filled
with cotton. I was headachey, sneezy, and exhausted. I think it was
equal parts stress and allergies.

For lo! Ragweed season is upon us. I started feeling worse on Friday,
and that was when the Ragweed, Nettle and Chenopods on the daily
allergy alert went to high. I think it is the Ragweed that gets me,
but I kind of hope it is the Chenopods! What a great word. I'd much
rather be allergic to Chenodods. Ragweed is not so glamorous.

Today I am much recovered. Ran errands for many hours and went to
a lot of stores. Getting ready for the big annual Tiki party here,
next weekend.

Monday the guy comes to replace the sidewalk, and next Monday the
window replacement starts. The house gets a face lift, and a pretty
old girl she will be! (If we ignore the needed paint job.....)

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