Sunday, August 30, 2009


So hungover. What a party it was! I had an amazing time and
so did everyone else. The Tiki drinks were deadly. The last
people left about 1 am, so we clocked in 10 hours of partying.
When will I figure out that I'm too old for this, and don't
recover as well from excess as I used to?

Our old roommate Drew is visiting, and the 3 of us are staggering
around the house moaning and cleaning up the party remnants.

We are now looking for something nutritious to eat, to help
the bodies recover. Leftover chips just don't cut it.

Now waiting for David to drop off his cat - he has to go to Fargo,
as he just found out his brother is in the hospital, and is
heading off to help on the farm. So we get a little furry guest
for some number of weeks. I'm sure he will try to help the
window replacement guys tomorrow - that furball gets into everything!

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