Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where is the fun stuff?

So - spent the last 2 weeks working like a maniac, trying to make
a project schedule. First deadline is this coming Wednesday. Then
comes another push. Kinda tired and stressed out. (No surprise).

I worked 15 hours on Friday, and another 9 on Saturday and I'm just
burnt out today. I should be out there enjoying this 85 degree,
end of summer-ish type day. Bleah. The couch is too comfy.....

Not much else... Saw the doctor, more hormone adjustments. We
keep upping the DHEA and it keeps going lower. I'm probably burning
it all up from the stress. I feel o.k. but not great, by any means.
I should exercise more and eat even healthier, if that is possible.

David is still in Fargo - and his cat has happily settled in. He has
a whole house to get into trouble in, and other pets to chase around.
Though I won't miss him - he wakes up at 6 am every morning and
starts crashing around!

So life continues, in a pretty normal fashion. I really could use
more fun. Vacation is still 5 weeks away.... :(

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