Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ah Mytstic!

My legs hurt! Let's see, my knee went out slightlty this morning,
but no excuse for stopping on vacation. Drove around Mystic and
Noank and lots of harbors and beaches. Drove up to Wavery, RI
and back thorough Stonnington. Lots of stone walls, and zillions
of trees changing colors. Not the best year for tree colors, but
we have seen some.

Shopped in Mystic and got a neat hat and Chris got a ornate business
card holder. Ice cream cones at the Drawbridge Ice Cream place in
Mystic. Reslly, really good ice cream eaten by the river. Lunch at
a clam shack on Highway 1. Fried clams and really good clam chowder.
Hoping to be hungry soon, because still haven't gotten to the
Skippers Dock, a place that we liked so much last year.

Walked around the Mystic Aquarium (overpriced, but neat Sea Lions),
when through Old Mystic shopping area and got some fudge for the
next leg of the trip. Resting at the hotel before dinner.
Tomorrow - off to Staten Island, NY.

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