Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Ah, a non-traditional Thanksgiving and Black Friday, all the way

Thanksgiving day, we were going to have Sukiyaki for diner, since
it was just the two of us, and we had nowhere to go. The roomate
was off at another event (though he did bake buttermilk pies and
I had a taste, since I'd never had it. Yummy). I was going to
bake low-carb brownies.

I took one look at the kitchen (I haven't been home much with the
crazed work schedule) and had a fit. We started a kitchen clean
and reorganizing that lasted 3 days. We just now finished.

Instead of shopping for gifts on Black Friday and today, we kept
running out for more and more and more storage bins. Home Depot
had a sale on shoebox size, and slightly larger - perfect for the

Everything is neatly in it's place, cleaned and labeled. Cuboards
are neat and organized. I can actually find things now, if I want
to cook.

Oh, and Cayenne did make me Sukiyaki for Thanksgiving. My brownies
were so awful, I threw them away. I got the recipe off the web,
and it seemed wrong - and it was. So no desert, but I made up for
it with having some ice cream today.

I'm afraid of what I will do over the 16 days where my company
shuts down over Christmas. Most of the past ones, I've had
surgery. This time I'll probably take all that energy and
terrorize the basement. We have been in this house for over 10
years now and it really needs some major reorganization, so it
isn't always a mess.

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Dreaming of a body that doesn't age and hurt. One that is strong
and can take me where I want to go, traveling and taking in the
world. Or one that can even last through an afternoon of shopping.

Dreaming of the ocean, living by water in a quaint seaside village.
Watching the ships and the sun sparking on the water, hearing the
lap of the waves to lull me to sleep. Living a less frantic life
full of nature and sunshine and peace.

Dreaming of creative work that satisfies the soul, rather than
stunning it into silence.

Dreaming of happy pets, happy friends, and happy me.

Is there any path to make this reality?
I can't find one, because I am running too fast.