Sunday, December 06, 2009

Another Adventure

So work announced this week that they were sending me off to
California, to 2 of the corporate offices next week. I'm going
to miss all the Christmas parties, and when I get back the
Company shuts down until after new years. So I get a trip and
a break for over 3 weeks. I'll for get what the office looks like!

I didn't really want to go, and then the weather here got
suddenly winterish, so now I'm sort of looking forward to it.
I will be in the San Jose area from next Sunday to Tuesday,
then it is down to Orange County until Friday. I'll be
near Laguna Beach, and hope I'll get a little time to see it.
Last time I was at headquarters there wasn't time - and it's
been 24 years since I've seen it. I loved it back then,
I wonder if it has changed a lot.

So this weekend was a little shopping, going through clothes, and
preparing for the trip. Not much time next Saturday to get ready,
so I'm doing it all this weekend.

Another Mini-adventure, and a nice break from routine!

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