Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The year of surgery

I name 2010 the year of surgery. Time to get it all fixed.
I had surgery in February, the 3rd one on my foot to fix
the big toe that got pulled under the 2nd one, complications
of the original surgery where I snapped the posterior tibial
tendon in 2005.

Then I had very minor surgery to remove a lump from the inside
of my cheek that I kept biting and making it worse.

Now I'm recovering from rotator cuff surgery for 2 torn rotator
cuffs in my left arm.

Later this year, Cayenne is considering getting his foot fused,
due to terrible arthritis from some old injuries. I'll have to
take care of him for a couple of months to I gotta get this arm
functional again.

It makes for a tough year, but we have hopes that it will make
2011 a much easier, pain-free year.